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The Dos and Don’ts of Swimming Pool Maintenance



Nothing says summer like a dip in the backyard pool. However, your pool does require swimming pool maintenance—as well as the right chemicals—to maintain safe, enjoyable dips. It is critical to handle all the additives that enter the water every time someone submerges, not to mention the difficulties caused by plant life that blows in. Desert Leisure believes swimming pool maintenance should be a top priority to all homeowners living in UAE. With our swimming pool maintenance contracts, we develop a regular maintenance regimen that reduces the amount of time you spend prepping the pool. Here are some Dos and Don’ts to be followed during swimming pool maintenance:


When reopening your swimming pool after a season of inactivity, plan to spend some additional time cleaning away any debris that may have accumulated during the winter. Remove the larger branches and leaves before you begin chemically treating the water, run the filter to get things circulating again. A normal 1 HP pool pump motors around 3,000 gallons of water each hour, so make sure you run it for a full cycle.

Swimming Pool Maintenance
Swimming pool maintenance


Everyone wants to relax in the summer, but correctly balancing the levels of your swimming pool is one piece of maintenance that is critical to keeping swimmers’ skin and eyes from being irritated. As a result, it is critical to strictly adhere to the directions included with your pool kit each time you treat your water. Being one of the best swimming pool maintenance company in Dubai, knowing the level of good pH, total alkalinity, and calcium balance is required to keep the comfort level of swimmers. We can also prevent metals from corroding and plaster from deteriorating.


While there are chlorine substitutes on the market, none are as effective or as cheap as the real thing at eliminating bacteria and keeping us safe. The chemical kills potentially harmful bacteria by damaging their enzymes, structures, and activities. However, you do have choices in terms of how you chlorinate. Being experts in swimming pool maintenance in Al Ain and Ras Al Khaimah, Desert Leisure does extensive research to determine if you like tablets or liquid, and whether you want an all-in-one solution that contains algaecide or if you prefer to deal with the green muck separately.


To maintain a sparkling clean pool, avoid typical blunders that might destroy your meticulous care work. When removing poolside dirt, keep the garden hose away from the pool; otherwise, you’ll just be making extra work for yourself (and your filter). And, because precipitation encourages algae growth, cover the pool whenever there is a chance of rain. Desert Leisure, the top swimming pool maintenance company in Dubai, provide a one-stop solution to all your swimming pool problems.

In case you’re searching for dependable experts for swimming pool maintenance and repairs, Desert Leisure is the place for you. We have expertise in- in-ground pools, backyard pools, small swimming pool designs, commercial swimming pools and will be upbeat to supply the attention it needs. Along with swimming pool maintenance, we also provide refurbishments for water features and swimming pools in Sharjah, Ajman, Al Ain and across UAE. Call us or visit our website for additional information.