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Swimming Pool Cleaning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Most homeowners opt for a swimming pool in their backyard to host family gatherings, parties, or simply relax. There are many more reasons to possess a pool than these, but the key is to keep the oasis in such a way that the pool care load and quantity of daily pool cleaning required are minimized.

They, like all other parts, will need to be replaced at some point and that’s where Desert Leisure comes in. Desert Leisure is the best pool maintenance company in UAE. We can help you discover the best options for your swimming pool that will help to extend the life of your pool and save your money in the long term.

One of the reasons some pool owners spend extra money on their pools is because of blunders. You read that correctly: blunders in pool maintenance. Here is a list of mistakes that might lead to you spending too much money on maintenance and your pool becoming green:

Not Putting in Enough Chlorine

The more people that use your pool, the more chlorine it requires. You have a swimming pool for a purpose, and that reason is to be able to utilize it. When there is a party or gathering, though, more chlorine is required to maintain the swimming pools chemicals in balance. Make sure to clean the pool the next day using a brush for the tiles. Add extra chlorine and clean the filter; alternatively, if your swimming pool requires more chemicals, a floater or inline chlorinator is excellent.

Man’s Best Friend Likes the Pool Too

Man’s best friend enjoys swimming as well, but if your canine is a long-haired retriever, be sure to net the pool immediately after your pet’s swim. In addition, the skimmer basket must be cleaned, and you don’t want your dog’s hair to end up in the pool. After your dog has swum in the pool, use water clarifiers. Oils and other pollutants in the water will be broken down by it.

Keep in mind that appropriate maintenance prevents excessive dirt or clogging.

The Pool Pump

Expect to pay more on chlorine, acid, and even expert maintenance if you want to save money on your power bill. The fact is that some swimming pools are designed to be self-cleaning. When the pump is running properly, the filter and skimmer will keep material out, avoiding algae formation. However, because every swimming pool is different, operate the pool pump for 8 hours every day throughout the summer. If your pool begins to show indications of algae or goes from clear to green, keep it running 24 hours a day until the state of your pool recovers. THE FLOW IS EVERYTHING! The key to a low-maintenance swimming pool is circulation. Desert Leisure’s swimming pool experts in Dubai can provide you with the necessary on pool pumps maintenance.

Not Checking Your Pool’s Chemistry Often

It’s essential to check the chemicals in your swimming pool at least twice a week during the summer. You can make minor adjustments to the water instead of significant changes that, eventually, create a hazardous activity. 

Desert Leisure swimming pool maintenance service offers a cheat sheet to help you remember everything regarding pool care and prepare a schedule. It will help you to have your swimming pool with the best water quality and clarity. Don’t forget that Desert Leisure has a service staff ready to assist you with any questions regarding pool maintenance. Call us today at 04 590 4000 or write to us at