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Choosing the right irrigation system

Irrigation system

Out with the old (manual watering practices), and in with the new (watering systems). That is the stance of many homeowners — some of whom have already made the move to a sprinkler system and others who are looking to do so soon.

For many villa owners in UAE who are always debating their options, there is a crucial question to consider: Am I investing in the right irrigation system for my garden designs? After all, not every sprinkler device is designed to the same standard of efficiency, which influences its effectiveness and lifespan.

The trick is to understand what characteristics to look for in an irrigation system. This will assist you with making the right decision for the present and future.

  • Durable Materials:

Irrigation systems are subject to harsh conditions, whether it is heavy rains or extreme temperatures in the summer and winter. There must be ready battle back for the resources that make up an irrigation scheme.

Although plastic is less expensive, the best irrigation systems mix UV-resistant plastic with a metal (e.g., brass or stainless steel) in sprinkler heads. This blend has two advantages: Plastic has more stability and lowers total costs, while metal strengthens the device to protect against wear and tear caused by stresses. At Desert Leisure, we only select the best possible options for your backyard gardens.

  • Warranty:

Manufacturers should be assured that they are providing the right irrigation system to homeowners. This should be reflected in the warranties on irrigation system components. Ideally, there will be a one- to five-year warranty under which the seller will perform all repairs or upgrades at no cost.

Pairing the Best Irrigation System with the Right Installer

Now that we have discussed some of the core components to look for in an irrigation system, it is time to consider the next step: Who do I hire to design and install my system? The response to this question is equally important in terms of the total efficiency and life cycle of the device.

That is where Desert Landscape comes into the picture. Being the top landscaping companies in UAE, our passionate team of landscape experts has experience installing high-quality irrigation systems throughout UAE namely Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah — all while offering services to maintain them year-round. Learn more about our irrigation services here.