Proper upkeep of swimming pool landscapes creates a major difference between being a rewarded and problematic pool owner. However, you can make smarter choices on construction with a few key tips on swimming pool landscaping designs and ideas, plants that can be used near a pool, etc. We at Desert Leisure and Swimming Pools help you discover what can be the best option for your swimming pool surroundings. A few tips to consider:

Pool lighting in and around the pool must be considered before the landscaping to prevent digging it up later while installing accents. The best lighting for your pool depends on the theme of your landscape. If your design features tropical plants, you might accent them with tiki torches. Going for a softer, more romantic look? Try hanging a string of lights across your poolside patio or through the overhanging trees.

Maybe you have nosy neighbors, or maybe you want a few moments’ refuge in the pool without the kids noticing. Whatever your reasons, a privacy fence around your swimming pool can help you achieve your goal. Aside from fencing, there are more creative and natural ways to create a private swimming pool environment, as well. Being a leading swimming pools specialist in Dubai UAE, we come up with leisure ideas and solutions that are creative and unique for you to have some quality time by your swimming pools.

Strategically planting around your pool can make it feel and look like an integral part of your backyard’s landscape. You do not want to plant trees & shrubs that shed many leaves that can litter your pool and clog cleaning equipment. To save yourself the trouble of cleaning up after messy trees every time you want to use your pool, look for species that will not shed during swimming season.