Choosing the right irrigation system

Choosing the right irrigation system

Out with the old (manual watering practices), and in with the new (irrigation systems). That is the stance of many homeowners — some of whom have already made the move to a sprinkler system and others who are looking to do so soon. For many villa owners in UAE who are always debating their options, […]

Landscaping Around your Swimming Pool


Proper upkeep of swimming pool landscapes creates a major difference between being a rewarded and problematic pool owner. However, you can make smarter choices on construction with a few key tips on swimming pool landscaping designs and ideas, plants that can be used near a pool, etc. We at Desert Leisure and Swimming Pools help […]

Covered and Uncovered Pools

covered swimming pool

After the initial decision of installing a swimming pool, the next best question to ask yourself is whether you would prefer an indoor or an outdoor swimming pool / covered or an uncovered swimming pool. There are various pros and cons to this debate. During situations like these, it is always necessary to consult with […]

Major steps while building a swimming pool

Swimming pool construction

A nation that is known for its hot desert climate, similarly, celebrated for its summer because no one does relaxation in the summer better than UAE. One of the best ways to beat the climate is by taking a relaxing dip in the water. There are plenty of swimming pools across UAE, especially in the […]